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Homeschooling Fantasies

Once again, Big Daddy thinks I’ve lost my mind.  I am reviewing our long term homeschooling plans this week and began discussing a few educational travel plans with him.  He just smiles and nods as I prattle on about my latest list of homeschool fantasies and latest schemes for starting to save the cash.  I am determined though, because check out these cool family adventures I plan on making happen for the Triad in the years to come. 

In 2012, I want us to take the 14-night Ancient Empires cruise with Celebrity Cruiseline.  To accompany our study of the Ancients, we would visit Santorini, Rhodes and Athens, Greece, Rome, Naples and Capri, Italy, Limassol, Cyprus, Alexandria, Egypt, and Ephesus and Istabul, Turkey.  I just think this would be an incredibly affordable way to fit all these locations into one trip.  An inside stateroom is currently listed at $899 per person and a round trip ticket to Rome is about the same.  What could possibly help the dining room table lessons sink in better than to stand with their own six feet on the sites of the lessons themselves?

In 2014, we’re going to book an Adventures by Disney trip to tour either Austria/Czech Republic (Vienna, Salzburg & Prague) or Spain (Madrid, Seville & Barcelona).  These trips look great. We have traveled with Disney before and their customer service and attention to detail is really impressive. These are 8-9 day trips with lodging and most meals included that are geared towards families and capped to keep each group relatively small. Cost ranges from $2000 to $2500 depending on how early you book and when you want to go. Airfare ranges from $1000 to $2000 for this one. This trip will focus on what we’ve learned from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance and Early Colonial periods.       

In 2016, I haven’t decided whether I want us to look into a Transatlantic cruise, a Revloutionary War themed trip or a westward excursion akin to an Oregon Trail experience. I’m still researching different options for this trip, but I want the focus to be on U.S. history.

And probably my most outrageous plan of all, in March 2019, I plan to put as many of our spines on CD-ROM as I can, pack us up and head out to hike the trail.  When I say the trail, I mean THE trail.  The “A” Trail.  The one, the only, Appalachian Trail.  And I want us to do it together, all 2,175 miles of it from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Katahdin, Maine.  My husband thinks I am insane.  Kindy Girl wants to know why we can’t do it now.  This is my ultimate homeschooling fantasy. At the time in our chidren’s lives where mainstream American society tells them to reject their families and imerse themselves in what Big Daddy and I believe is a very unhealthy peer culture, I want us to check out of the rat race entirely. I want to really know my kids when they are teenagers. On their journey to adulthood, I want our family to pull closer together and I believe this is the challenge that will make that happen. Ten percent of thru-hikers quit within the first week. Only 20-25% of those that start, finish. I want my children to take up that challenge and succeed. I want that early success to reverberate throughout the rest of their lives so that when they are faced with other life chalenges they can look back and say “I did this then, I can do this now!” This trip will take between five and seven months and will cost between $3000 and $5000 per person. But it will be worth every penny when we reach Katahdin together.

Are we independently wealthy, you ask? Nope. Just determined. This is why I plan long term. I have started saving what I can now. I found an online site I can publish writing at and get paid for the hits my work receives as well as earn up front payment for some pieces. I am also building inventory right now to open an online shop offering knit and crocheted children’s items like hats, scarves, shirts, diaper covers, toys and bags. Every dime I manage to scrape up from these and any other schemes I cook up over the next few years is going to fund my homeschooling fantasy travel and truly give my children the education of a lifetime. Reading over my shoulder as I type, Big Daddy just muttered something about needing a lottery ticket. Couldn’t hurt.

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  1. I got stuck at the first paragraph while I dreamed wistfully. :) Ahhhh…. Egypt… we would love to go SO BAD.

    And if you’re going all the way to Katahdin, Maine, might as well drive another couple hours and come see us. :) We’re about 35 minutes from Houlton.

  2. Wonderful! We’ll see you in about 12 years, then! LOL ;)

  3. Great blog. Enjoyed reading. It was your AT plan that passed across my internet radar. It’s a great plan you have. I’ve never hiked the entire trail but most of it in the NE states. I would suggest you start training now. Start with short hikes, build up to overnights carrying packs, and then get out there of a week or more at a time to get used to all that’s involved in long distance hiking. I heard there was a family did it together a few years back. My son started this past year but only made about 200 miles before an injury took him off the trail. A few weeks ago I sat at the summit of Katahdin and joined the celebration with about 15 finishing thru hikers. I can tell you there was not one of them who would not declare that the experience had changed their lives forever. Good for you for having such great plans. If you can vision it you can make it happen.

  4. I would love to track down that family and pepper them with a zillion questions! Thanks for the feedback and encouragment.

  5. WOW! You sure are ambitious. Those sound like some GREAT plans. Although I wasn’t homeschooled besides a couple of months here and there, the educational trips I took with my family are more clear in my mind today than anything from my school years. We took an alaskan cruise, which sparked a love of marine life and whales, so my dad took me on a boat trip in Baja to whale watch for two weeks when I was 14. It continues to be one of our best memories together. I’ve also done the northern european cruise… England, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, and I can tell you from personal experience these types of cruises and a GREAT way to pack a lot of culture and history into your buck! Way to go for planning so far ahead and making a commitment to really have a relationship with your teenagers-to-be!

  6. [...] our sleeeping Traid and remarked to Big Daddy, “First step, weekend camping trip.  Next up, thru-hiking the Trail!“  Bless him, he smiled back and just leaned over to softly kiss my cheek. Posted in [...]

  7. These all sound like fantastic plans. Hope you’re able to make some or all of them come to fruition!

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